3rd Rogershill Community Payment

It was with great pleasure that we made our 3rd annual community payment to the parish of Bere Regis in Dorset this week. With the Rogershill Farm turbine operating at near 100% availability over the past 12 months we’ve been able to donate the sum of £6,194 which takes total payments to over £16,000 since switch-on!

At their most recent Parish Council meeting councillors noted

“We were delighted to receive another grant from Distgen, the owners of the wind turbine at Rogers Hill, for £6,196 to put towards Council use. It was decided at the meeting that we would split the grant and put £3,500 towards the valuable village NeighbourCar and Salt and Pepper Lunch Club schemes, and the remaining £2,696 would go towards the much needed upgrade of the footpaths along Souls Moor to prepare for heavier use once the new school is open.”

Community payments for Wanstrow/Witham Friary (DG004, Somerset) and Dyrham/Hinton (DG005, South Glos) are expected very shortly.