DistGen partners with private landlords across the UK, creating wealth for land owners and renewable energy for all

DistGen operates six, single wind turbines on private land across the UK

In 2012 the first of our wind turbines, at Faccombe in Hampshire, marked the start of our journey to create sources of clean, renewable energy for the UK. Our model is not only to generate electricity but also to share the associated income. Each of our landlords benefits from a direct payment, made quarterly, representing a share of the revenues from the power purchasers. Where appropriate and possible, our landlords also benefit from cheap or free power from the turbines. In addition, we pay quarterly contributions to local parish councils, to benefit communities local to our sites.

The harder the wind blows, the more everyone benefits!

Here's what some of our landlords have to say:

“Having a DistGen turbine in a joint venture partnership like we do has meant that we have knowledge, information and accessibility to the right person at our fingertips. We enjoy being in partnership with DistGen because while we might not have the industry- and power-based knowledge that they have, we have a like-minded approach to business that is simple and straightforward.

All of this provides a realistic and sensible financial reward and we look forward to working with them long into the future. As such I would recommend anybody to have a discussion with them.”

Al Brooks, Estate Director, Faccombe Estates Ltd (DistGen Faccombe, Hampshire)

The planning and installation process went incredibly well and was virtually stress free. Everyone including delivery drivers and contractors were professional and friendly. Any maintenance work carried out since has always been prompt and carried out by friendly and passionate staff. It’s lovely also, to deal directly with the boss, John. He and all the team are very helpful and the quarterly windy-fall statements are very nice too!

Danny Hall, farmer (DistGen Rogershill, Dorset)

“I do the book-keeping for Richard Pearce at Talbot Farm and the revenues from the wind turbine certainly help the farm’s finance. The family is paid regularly, four times a year. DistGen prepare the invoices so there is, quite literally, nothing for us to do but to accept the money! I know everyone involved is proud of what we’re doing for the green energy cause, too.”

Katie from Kelly Farm Consulting (DistGen Hinton, Wiltshire)

“Four times a year we receive a generous pay-out as revenue share from the wind turbine. It’s quite literally a wind-fall every quarter. I love the wind turbine and everything it represents. Each time we pass we marvel at what a wonderful landmark it is.”

Christine Heal, Farmer (DistGen Wanstrow, Somerset)

“The DistGen team did very well to install a refurbished second-hand turbine in Westray in the summer of 2013. The installation went ahead as planned without any unseen complications holding it up.

Breakdowns have always been dealt with in a timely manner. Only this week a power cut caused a shutdown which was successfully fixed the next day. DistGen have upgraded the control system to a modern standard which is great to see them investing in the turbine.

I had investigated various turbine options before Distgen but was never happy with value to us of the potential income.

I chose DistGen after meeting one of the team and immediately thought that this was a company that I would like to work with. I have never regretted that decision.

The quarterly payments, to us, have increased when they have increased to Distgen. This is worth a lot now with ever-increasing inflation.

I have always found the team at DistGen genuine, generous and a pleasure to work with.”

Steven Bain, farmer (DistGen Westray, Orkney Islands)