DistGen gives back to communities local to our wind turbine sites. We pay a percentage of revenues every quarter to parish councils, funding local projects.

Helping communities to play a part in creating sustainable, renewable energy – and benefiting financially

Wherever communities are local to our wind turbine sites we have worked with them from the start to explore and explain the partnership possibilities.

It’s true to say that, in some communities in the initial stages, there was a percentage of people who did not want a wind turbine close to their homes. However, it is also true to say that we have not received one single complaint from any neighbours since installation, with many reporting they simply don’t notice it or hear it.

In fact, as the climate change issue has become ever-burgeoning over the last decade, our communities are very happy to know they are playing a part in creating sustainable energy, helping to negate the arguments for fracking, nuclear power stations and fossil fuels.

On a purely financial level, we pay a handsome dividend to communities with a vested interest in our wind turbines.

Here’s what they have to say:

“Bere Regis Parish Council received its first Distgen donation in June 2013 and has received a total of £65.977.63 in donations since then. 

This has enabled us to do much within the community that we would not otherwise have been able to achieve. 

Initially, it enabled us to continue with the Community Lengthsman Scheme after the Dorset County funding was withdrawn. This has proved to be an invaluable resource over the years, enabling the Parish Council to take ownership of much of the Parish environment and maintain it to a high standard.

Since 2017, the donations have been used to enable the Parish Council to provide a free Christmas lunch to the older members of the community, enabling them to have the chance to meet and chat to other villagers in a warm, friendly environment whilst enjoying a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. 

The continued support also enabled us to buy a Community Bus and set aside monies towards building a new Community Hall when the site has been secured for this. 

Following the pandemic, the donations have allowed us to continue with the Community Lunch Club, NeighbourCar and Communibus schemes. All of which might have been lost without the help from Distgen donations. 

The Parish Council and residents of Bere Regis would like to thank Distgen for their very kind donations and continued support.” 

Bere Regis Parish Council (DistGen Rogershill, Dorset), September 2022.

“Witham Friary Parish has received over £40,000 from DistGen Wanstrow (the wind turbine operators) over the first eight years of the Wanstrow wind turbine’s life, with at least another 12 years to go. Wanstrow Parish receives the same amount because we split the revenue share equally. With that money, we’ve been able to fund a number of Parish projects including maintenance of the playing field, the play patch and the churchyard. Despite a few early objections, everyone is now happy to have a wind turbine in our midst. Also, it is good to know we are doing our bit for climate change mitigation by generating renewable energy.”

Hugo Brooke, Chairman, Witham Friary Parish Council.(DistGen Wanstrow, Somerset) 

“Wanstrow Parish Council is very grateful for the funding we have received from DistGen since the installation of the wind turbine.  This has enabled us to carry out a number of projects to the benefit of both the environment and the parishioners of Wanstrow and Cloford, some of which I have noted below.  The funding has enabled us to:

  • establish and fund allotments for villagers to use to not only grow their own flowers and vegetables but also has developed a community of growers which works to share knowledge and support the future development of the allotments
  • restore several sections of track in the area which had fallen into disuse because of poor drainage, overgrowth and lack of a suitable surface.  This has included draining and filling very large potholes and opening up a route suitable for walkers and horse-riders between Wanstrow and a nearby village which avoids the busy A359
  • support our primary school by providing suitable IT equipment for the children to learn essential skills for their future
  • reduce traffic speeds through the village by establishing and equipping a speed watch team and installing a traffic speed indicator which encourages drivers to slow down, especially past our hall and the place where children cross to catch the school bus
  • maintain the village green, churchyards and other public spaces in the village and instal benches and plant bulbs to improve the local environment.

The funding continues to support the community into the future and has enabled us to match fund play equipment on the village green and extend the green by adapting part of an adjacent field, donated by a local farmer, for public use, including the development of a community orchard.”

Wanstrow Parish Council (DistGen Wanstrow, Somerset) 

“Hinton and Dyrham Parish Council has received in excess of £109,000 in community contributions in less than eight years since the wind turbine became operational in 2014. We receive the money every three months and it’s always exciting! It’s such a worthwhile partnership. I don’t think any of us actually notice the wind turbine at Talbot Farm any more and even if we do it’s a reminder of the good it’s doing, not only for the local community but also for the wider issue of climate change.”

Rebecca Banwell, Clerk to the Council, Dyrham and Hinton Parish Council (DistGen Hinton, Wiltshire)