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Smarter energy generation & consumption for everyone

Achieving success as an independent UK onshore wind energy developer exerts strong demands on those who attempt it. Combining modest profitability with extreme planning difficulty means that only those with a strong mission, true believers if you will, would be advised to attempt it. DistGen ‘got started’ in 2005 with the express intent of making a positive difference in the world by democratising the ownership of generating assets and sharing the benefits as locally as possible, reducing carbon emissions and improving UK energy security. We believe, it’s in our DNA.

True belief though, whilst an absolutely necessary prerequisite, is not sufficient. True belief is the topsoil which nurtures the determination, fortitude, perseverance and especially patience that are also crucial parts of the package. These vital qualities need to be combined with deep pockets and high risk tolerance to endure through the years it sometimes takes to realise these noble visions.

The final part of the jigsaw is competence; competence in number of diverse areas spanning planning systems and politics, contract and property law, grid connections, construction, installation and Operations and Maintenance (O&M). There is little room for error as even small mistakes in any of these areas can compromise the overall success of an installation, sometimes catastrophically.

Our continued survival and ongoing commercial viability argues for DistGen having the above qualities in sufficient quantities.

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