Mission driven pragmatists

DistGen ‘got started’ in 2005 with the express intent of making a positive difference in the world by contributing to the move from centralised fossil fuel generation to distributed renewable generation. We are doing what we can, tiny as it may be, to promote:

Democratising of the ownership of generating assets and sharing of the benefits as locally as possible
Reducing of carbon emissions
Improving of UK energy security

We are true believers, it’s in our DNA

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30 GWh

Total lifetime energy production

5.4 GWh

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The time is right….again

Global issues have produced powerful shifts in public understanding and acceptance of the need for onshore renewable generation of all types with thought-leading communities now actively looking to benefit from bringing it into their backyards.

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Make the most of your assets


In 2014 we invented HAXO (High Availability for eXtended Operational lifetime (HAXO) program,  our own Enhanced Life Extension program.. HAXO is designed to deliver productive and reliable operation of WT operation life of our fleet for 40 years and beyond… read more 

Smarter Microgrid

We have combined our more than 15 years of renewable energy generation operational experience with our decades of complex distributed system  software development expertise to design a highly flexible IoT for energy digitalisation system … read more

DGL Partners


We are enthusiastically seeking landowners to host one or more wind turbines and to enjoy the financial benefits of doing so. We are keen to develop new sites where the locally wind generated electricity offsets grid imported consumption). 

Please contact us if you have land suitable land for a wind turbine.

Vestas Operators Consortium


DGL is a founding member of the V52 Forum UK, a group of V52 operators, who share knowledge, skills, innovations and business best practices regarding the most effective and efficient operation of kilowatt class Vestas wind turbines.

Please contact us if you are interested to find out more (V3x & 4x operators welcome)

Circular economy exemplar

Specialist in maximising the longevity, reliability and productivity of previously loved (used) community scale wind turbines

Anticipating the increasing popular `Circular Economy model, DistGen’s mission has been for a more sustainable future where existing end-of-life equipment is updated, refurbished and redeployed. All of DistGen’s turbines have had long and productive previous operational lifetimes; our oldest turbine was already 22 years old when DistGen re-installed it. The carbon footprint produced in the manufacture of the turbines was amortised early in their first productive life so the second installation is all gain in terms of carbon offset.

The second major benefit of this approach is that it maximises the ROI on the investment asset. Whilst all of the balance of plant costs are ‘as new’ a fully refurbished kilowatt scale wind turbine typically costs a modest percentage of the price of a new turbine. This massive saving translates to significantly reduced capital threshold, lower interest service costs, fatter operating margins and lower risk at the installation level.