Community benefits for 2017 announced!

It is with great pleasure that we can announce annual community benefit payments for 2017 to the parishes of Bere Regis (Dorset), Wanstrow & Witham Friary (Somerset), Dyrham & Hinton (South Glos) totalling just over £28,000. This is slightly down on 2016 and due primarily to lower than average wind speeds.

Distgen continues to deliver on the pre-planning promises to put money back into the local communities hosting our Rogershill Farm, Landmark Farm and Talbot Farm wind turbines having now donated nearly £82,000!

In each case the payments are made directly to the Parish Councils to be spent on behalf of their electorate, often financing local initiatives that might otherwise struggle for funding in the current economic climate.

In response to the most recent payment, a representative of Bere Regis Parish Council said:

Thank you so much for the contribution it is always greatly received and enables us to do so much that we would otherwise be unable to do.

At the moment, we are looking to build a new village hall as the one we have is too small and not particularly disabled and elderly friendly. A larger hall will enable us to increase the number of people we can invite to our monthly lunch club for the over 60s, hold more community events and enable the doctors’ surgery to carry out more treatments than their current facility allows – physiotherapy sessions for example.