Engagement Models

Our range of services has been designed to make it as easy as possible for farmers, landowners, small businesses and communities to become directly involved in the generation of renewable electricity:

  • Range of attractive engagement options
  • Flexible investment opportunity
  • Minimal risk
  • Minimal technical and legal knowledge required

We deliver the above benefits through three basic engagement options for the partner to choose from:

Land Lease

  • Simple land lease arrangement where DistGen owns the wind turbine outright
  • Rent calculated as percentage of revenues earned
  • Project funded entirely by DistGen
  • No investment required by the land owner/agent or community


Where we differ from most other wind turbine operators who retain the majority of profits for themselves or their shareholders, we offer the option to purchase a portion of the wind turbine and share the rewards:

  • Designed to facilitate a direct participation in renewable generation for land owners, farmers and businesses
  • Each DistGen site set up as a separate subsidiary
  • Shares in each subsidiary available for purchase by the landlord and/or other appropriate parties in any amount up to the full 100%
  • DistGen continues to provide all monitoring, maintenance and repair services to facilitate the ongoing operation of the turbine for which an annual percentage fee is charged
  • Revenues are distributed pro-rata on share ownership after deduction of annual operating expenses

Community Ownership

Our community schemes are a variation of the Co-Ownership model where DistGen, in partnership with the land owner, will allow the local community to invest in the wind turbine. In addition to direct investment, a portion of  the annual income is given to the local Parish for re-investment back into the community

Please see our dedicated community page for more information.

Planning Only

If you already have a project that requires assistance with any areas of planning – why not let us give you a hand?