Diversified Income From Renewable Energy

If there is a consistent message we hear from speaking to UK farmers and land-owners its that they are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain profit margins (or even make a profit at all) in the current highly regulated and supermarket dominated economy. Turnover per acre is generally down while energy costs are spiralling.

Diversification is the answer

There are many forms that diversification can take, but at DistGen our focus is on the production of clean electricity. More specifically we target the thousands of sites that are not suited to large wind farms – perhaps due to location, planning constraints or grid connection issues. In addition, unlike “big wind” we seek to offer more equitable packages such as co-ownership as well as simple land lease agreements.

Key benefits of Diversification with a DistGen Wind Turbine

  • FULL COST of planning, development, installation, operation and maintenance covered by DistGen
  • Generous share of income with simple lease or co-ownership options
  • LOW RISK. We allow our customers to start out on a land lease agreement with an option for co-ownership if they are happy with the operational turbine
  • Clear link between generator and local consumer
  • Turbines generally installed on under-utilised parcels of land
  • Government grants of up to 50% are available for turbines purchased outright
  • Long lived income stream, typically 20 to 30 years
  • Chance to fix electricity costs
  • Produces clean and sustainable energy
  • Lightweight, cost effective,  mid sized wind turbines that are easier to gain planning permission, install and maintain