Mid-Size 500kW Turbines

We specialise in mid-size 500kW wind turbines with rotor sizes ranging from 39m to 52m in diameter. Typical of these is the Vestas V39 (39m rotor 500kW) wind turbine pictured below with an overall blade tip height of around 60m (200ft).

Many thousands of these wind turbines have been installed around the world with renowned reliability and low operational costs. We have established valuable relationships with suppliers, hauliers, electrical contractors, installers and maintenance companies throughout the UK and Europe.

We own and operate and our own fleet of 500kW wind turbines that are fully ROOFIT accredited with OFGEM. Our fleet currently comprises

DG001 – Vestas V39, Faccombe, Andover
DG002 – Vestas V39, Rogershill, Bere Regis
DG003 – Vestas V39, Westray, Orkney
DG004 – Vestas V52, Wanstrow, Shepton Mallet
DG005 – Vestas V52, Hinton & Dryham, Chippenhan
DG006 – Vestas V39, Aspatria, Cockermouth

We’ve seen lots of companies out there “talking the talk” but not so many “walking the walk”. Make sure anyone you speak to has actually done what they say they can do!

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