Rogershill Farm investment offer SOLD OUT!

UPDATE (03-12-2014) – NOW 100% SOLD OUT

This offer is now fully sold out.

Exciting news!!

We’ve teamed up with one of the UKs leading renewable energy crowd funders, Abundance Generation to offer a direct investment opportunity on our Rogershill Farm wind turbine.

The offer is NOW LIVE and interested parties can view the offer document and invest on the Abundance web site. The minimum investment is just £5 with generous rates of return.

Why have we done this?

Before applying for planning permission we held a public meeting in Bere Regis where we made two promises about community benefits:

  • To donate a fixed percentage of gross annual income to the parish for the lifetime of the wind turbine. This we are already delivering on and have donated over £10,000 so far.
  • To offer a direct investment opportunity so that nearby residents can benefit financially as well.

We have distributed leaflets and posters in Bere Regis and the surrounding villages so that as many people in the local community as possible will have the opportunity to participate.

Who are Abundance Generation?

Abundance are an award winning crowd funder specialising in renewable energy projects. Started in 2011 they are fully regulated by the UK FCA and offer debenture based investments starting at just £5.