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JPA Agriculture based in Brayton Mill produce animal feed and employ approx 10 full and part time staff. The site is currently “off grid” using diesel generators to produce their entire electrical requirement which matches closely the expected output from one of our mid-sized wind turbines (40m mast, 39m dia rotor). Note that the best diesel electricity generators emit around 1kg of CO2 for every 1 kwh of electricity – which is double the average of around 0.5kg/kwh for the National Grid (PDF).

At Brayton Park we are installing a single mid size turbine yielding an estimated 1,000,000  kwh per year of the equivalent reduction of CO2 of around 500,000 kg. The turbine will be operated as a community project with local investment opportunities.

  • 500kW turbine with excellent low windspeed performance
  • Exceptional reliability and well proven track record
  • Ideally suited to community-scale wind projects
  • 60m blade tip height