Community Schemes from Distgen

DistGen’s Community Co-ownership Initiative (CCI) has been designed to allow ordinary people to benefit directly from a wind turbine project in their community. The CCI seeks to provide a bridge across the yawning gap that commonly separates the aspiration that many individuals, communities and businesses may have to implement a shared community scale wind turbine and the reality of actually managing to do so.


No other UK operator is offering to help communities become involved in the wind energy business in a serious and affordable way. Not only are we allowing the local community to share in the rewards of a wind turbine, but our scheme is designed to be as low risk as possible – we do not require any commitment up front. When the turbine is installed and fully operational we will issue a prospectus and allow individuals to invest with the benefit of hindsight!


Our community schemes are designed so that local communities can own a major share of each project and thereby earn significant levels of income. Each scheme will form a Local Generation Company (LGC) that owns and operates the wind turbine. The local community is invited to form a Community Investment Partner (CIP) that is totally independent of DistGen, self managed and wholly owned by the investors.

The CIP may then purchases shares in the LGC on behalf of its investors. Annual profits made as a result of selling electricity and from the Feed In Tariff  are then distributed to all share holders including the CIP.

Income from the scheme is directly linked to the performance of the wind turbine – those communities blessed with the greatest wind resource will achieve the highest returns.


Our mid-sized wind turbines are much more easily accommodated into the landscape than the typical 1 or 2MW versions being installed in many locations. We try to use local engineering firms during installation and ongoing service and maintenance.

Each of our projects is expected to have a 20+ year lifetime with generous income levels guaranteed under the UK Government Feed-in Tariff scheme.

Private or Community?

While some of our turbines are operated as privately owned schemes (Faccombe and Westray) the majority will operate under the CCI scheme. The first CCI site at Rogershill Farm has paid out over  £10,000 as of Summer 2014 and supports various local Bere Regis initiatives such as the volunteer driver Neighbourcar scheme designed to combat rural isolation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you already have a community project that requires assistance with any areas of planning – why not let us give you a hand?