Get Involved!

Our wind energy schemes are designed to make it easy for you, so why not become an electricity generator – it’s easier than you think!

If you own a suitable plot of land you could be exactly who we are looking for. Alternatively, if you represent a community group looking to invest in renewable energy schemes its possible we can help you find a suitable site in your area…. We have various solutions tailored to to fit!

As with all our schemes, we normally cover all the planning, development, installation and operating costs in return for part ownership of the wind turbine.

A 500kW wind turbine on a 7m/s site could earn you in excess of £20,000 a year at no cost and much more if you choose to invest!

Can I have a wind turbine on my land? Here’s a summary of the general requirements…

Your site should:

  • Have a minimum of 6m/s average annual wind speed (at 45m above ground level) – Check your wind speed here
  • Be at least 500m from the nearest residential buildings (the further the better)
  • Be close to an electricity sub-station or 11KV electricity supply
  • Have nearby road or track access

Your site may also be:

  • Near sources of noise such as railways, busy roads, or industry
  • Near potential consumers such as industrial or retail parks, farms or water treatment plants

Your site should not be:

  • Close to very tall trees or other structures
  • Very close to any protected wildlife habitats or designated landscapes
  • Within 15m of a major airport

Got all the above?

If you think your site might be suitable please download and complete our DIY Survey and send it back to us. The survey includes full instructions and should only take a short time to complete. We will then contact you to discuss the most suitable arrangement.