2nd community payment from Rogershill

Distgen is pleased to announce that the second community reward payment from our Rogershill wind turbine will be £6,964.08.

This will bring the total reward payment for the residents of Bere Regis to over £10,000!

The parish council in Bere Regis are currently developing several schemes including a ‘neighbourcar’ service  to combat rural isolation (having lost their bus service to Poole), a trim trail and skate park and some pathways located centrally in the village to make the countryside more accessible for the less mobile elderly residents. These are all very worthy projects that we very happy to be able to help through our continued community rewards scheme!

UPDATE… we are now officially supporting both the Neigbhourcar and Lunchclub initiates within the local community with the distgen logo displayed prominently on various flyers and forms! Distgen staff recently met some of the volunteers who run the service and one of their clients to see first hand how much difference this makes combating the very real issue of rural isolation.