Talbot Farm, Dyrham & Hinton, Gloucestershire (DG005 – Vestas V52)

At Talbot Farm we have installed a single mid size turbine yielding an estimated 1,800,000 kwh per year of the equivalent reduction of CO2 of around 800,000 kg. The turbine is operated as a community project with local investment opportunities.

  • 500kW turbine with excellent low windspeed performance
  • Exceptional reliability and well proven track record
  • Ideally suited to community-scale wind projects
  • 66m blade tip height


Talbot Farm
South Gloucestershire
SN14 8HA
OS Grid Ref ST744774

Community Involvement & Investment

The wind turbine will be offered as a local community investment scheme with preferential and highly equitable investment opportunities granted to nearby residents:

  • A fixed percentage of gross annual income granted to the parish of Dyrham & Hinton for re-investment back into the community for the duration of the scheme
  • Scheme duration of 20-25 years


2015-04-09 11.42.11   2015-04-24 14.21.51

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