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The destruction of the earth’s environment is the human-rights issue of our time. Over the 25 years that climate change has been on the world’s agenda, global emissions have risen unchecked while real-world impacts have taken hold in earnest.” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Distgen has been set up in explicit recognition of the new realities we face resulting from the dual challenges of energy security and the onset of runaway Climate Change.

Industry experts agree that onshore wind is the cheapest and most cost effective renewable technology available today. Why should it be only the large energy suppliers who get to utilise this precious resources gifted to the UK – one of the windiest areas in Europe?

Working to protect the environment

Our goal is to provide mid range distributed renewable energy solutions to those who want to take back responsibility for their energy usage, regain some control over their supply and to do their part in helping to save the planet.

We develop, plan, fund, install and operate mid size 500kW wind turbines throughout the UK on behalf of farmers, land owners and community groups. These projects are funded under the Feed in Tariff (FITs) which provides stable inflation-protected investment returns over a guaranteed long term.

Our promise is to:

  • be simple, open and truthful in our dealings with stakeholders and the community
  • provide an equitable distribution of benefit to all of its stakeholders thereby provide incentives for fast customer uptake
  • facilitate low risk adoption by aspiring customer partners

Distgen is working to deliver the above by means of its Co-owned and Community schemes by giving back to the hosting community.

Our People

The word passion is a highly overused cliché – but we are driven and highly motivated to play what little part we can in the biggest challenge facing mankind today. The time for denial and nimbyism are over. We invite like minded people to get in touch and together we can do our little bit to help save the world.

John Zamick – Managing Director

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