Rogershill blasts past 1GWh in 1st year

Our wind turbine at Rogershill Farm in Dorset is now one year old!

Despite a relatively wind-free summer DG002 has produced over 1,000,000 kWh of clean energy which amounts to a CO2 saving of 430,000 kg and met the annual electricity demands of 250 average households.

In June we made our first donation to Bere Regis Parish Council with 3% of all future gross income promised to community rewards.

In other news, our newest turbine (DG003) in Westray is now fully commissioned and operational. DG004 in Wanstrow (Somerset) is now under construction with foundation concrete being poured within days and DG005 in Tomarton (South Glos) scheduled for construction Spring 2014. Our first turbine in Faccombe (Hampshire) is approaching its second birthday and continues to run well.