First community payout from Rogershill

Way back in 2010 we presented details of our Rogershill Farm wind turbine to the both the Parish Council and general community of Bere Regis. At the time we made a public commitment to make generous community reward payments to the council for re-investment back into local good causes – not just once, but every year for the life of the wind turbine.

The Rogershill wind turbine received planning permission in late 2011 and was finally commissioned in November 2012.

We are now delighted to come good on our promise and make the first donation to the Parish Council for the sum of…..

… covering the first 4 months of operations. We understand that the donation will be initially be used towards a “kick wall” and outdoor gym for local children! We hope this is just the start of a series of new projects that our funding will make possible.

Last week, in conjunction with announcements regarding new planning guidance from DCLG (Department for Communities and Local Government), DECC announced that wind farms should increase the level of annual community rewards fivefold – from £1000 to £5000 per megawatt (MW). Based on current forecasts we expect the 500kW Rogershill turbine to return an equivalent of over £10,000 per MW per year!